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Berrien's bumpers  are  made of 1 1/2" O.D. mild steel tubing and are mandrel bent for completely rounded corners and added strength.  Both bumper styles are sold pre-assembled and only require mount welding.

Both styles will fit any of our sand rail models. Specify chassis model and front axle type when ordering.

Single Bar Bumper

Double Bar Bumper

The single bar bumper mounts weld to the shock towers and lower crossbar on your front beam.  This bumper was specifically designed to fit the contour of our 3-piece fiberglass body and protect it from damage

The double bar bumper mounts weld to the arm rails and the lower front end clamps.  It is not compatible with our fiberglass bodies.

Both styles are $55.00 , Sales Tax & Shipping not included



Treebars provide protection for your rear wheels.  They are made from 1 1/2" O.D. mandrel-bent, mild-steel tubing and come pre-notched and angle cut, so they are ready to weld to your chassis.

These treebars will fit any of our sand rail models. Specify chassis model when ordering.

Double Bend Treebar

Triple Bend Treebar

The double bend treebars attach to the floor rail only and are designed to meet the chassis at a right angle for quick and easy installation.

When used with a body, the side panels will require minimal notching.

The triple bend treebars main tube attaches to the outer floor rail in the front and the arm rail in the rear.  The 1" braces attach to the outer floor rail.  All the tubes are cut and notched for quick and easy installation.

Triple bend treebars are not  designed to work with body panels.



Sales tax & shipping not included



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