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Classic 290, shown fully welded with stock torsion.

LKT 290 Top & Bottom tacked kit       $499.00

LKT 290 Side by Side tacked kit         $549.00

LCW 290 Fully welded no torsion       $659.00

LCWT 290 Fully welded with torsion   $759.00

LCWT price expects a stock VW torsion in exchange

Sales tax, packaging & shipping not included

This 90 wheelbase 2 seat model gives you the quick response of a tight turning radius, with deluxe passenger room inside for extra riding comfort.  
With a cockpit height of 38 &  width of 50 ,  the Classic 290 gives passengers plenty of room to stretch out & enjoy the ride.  If you need more headroom it can be ordered 3" taller for no additional charge, giving you a total height of 41".  For cage heights above 41", please call for pricing.
Order your Classic 290, partially tacked or fully welded.  Either way you get a quality frame at an affordable price.

The Classic 290 comes with:

"Diamond-X" bracing in upper cage

2 upper cage gussets

frame horn supports

solid rear trans mount

seat back brace

1 rear seat support

shifter box w/shift tube hanger

front-end clamps w/bolts & nylock nuts

2 floor gussets

brackets for mounting: steering bearing, master cylinder, pedal assembly

universal tabs for mounting: seats, seatbelts, gas tank, lights, etc.


Optional Accessories for the 290

Single or Double Bar Front Bumper

Double or Triple Bend Tree Bars

Double Headbar

Pickup Style Rear Cage Kit

Chassis Brace Kit

Full Length Aluminum Floor

Custom Torsion


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