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Originally manufactured by Sand Dancer in Webberville, MI, Berrien acquired the Lancer molds in 2002, making this unique body style available once again.

This non-traditional Manx clone features a hinged rear spoiler to provide more engine protection without sacrificing access, a ridged hood and straight cut dash. The Lancer body can be mounted on either a stock VW floor pan that has been shortened to an 80" wheelbase or the Nostalgia Square Tube Chassis .

Fiberglass Body, Hood, Dash & Decklid

Lancer, shown in Lime Green


Views from rear of hinged decklid & dash

Views from rear of hinged decklid & dash

Lancer body, hood, dash, and hinged rear deck cover   $1249.00

Sales tax, packaging & shipping not included

The Lancer is available in the same 14 gel-coat colors:

Black Red Maroon
White Medium Blue Purple
Lime Green Dark Blue Bubble Gum Pink
Canary Yellow Teal Aqua
Golden Yellow Orange  


Fiberglass Options for the Lancer include:

Flat Side Panels


Other options for the Lancer include:

Aluminum Dash Panel
Aluminum Windshield Frame with Safety Glass
Belly Pan Gasket

Black Lighted License Plate Frame- Black

Headlight Shells- Round or Rectangular

Jiffy Trim- Chrome or Black

License Plate Bracket- Lighted, Chrome

Seat Cushion- Snap In Rear

Seat Tracks- Lowered

Stainless Steel Fuel Filler Kit

Teardrop Tail Lights

Wind Wings

Windshield Mount Mirror

Wiring Harness


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