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Square Tube Chassis & Fiberglass Floor

The 80" wheelbase Nostalgia chassis & fiberglass floor was designed to compliment the line of fiberglass bodies that Berrien Buggy manufactures.  It's stronger than a stock pan, plus saves time and allows tunnel access from underneath that you don't get with a stock chassis.

The Nostalgia chassis can be used with any body made to fit on a stock Beetle pan that has been shortened 14 1/2" and uses stock pedal placement.  

The fiberglass floor features a ribbed design for added strength.   The shiny, black, gel-coat finish won't rust and doesn't need to be painted.

The chassis is made of square tubing, with a 2" main frame & 1-1/2" infrastructure, adding an extra 1-1/2" of lift to the body for increased tire clearance.  It features body mounting holes that are pre-drilled, sealed and recessed so that the bolts do not protrude below the chassis.

The clutch cable tube, master cylinder mount, pedal mount and seat track mounting brackets are all factory installed, as well as the four front clamps that weld to the chassis.   In addition, the fiberglass floor is pre-drilled and bolted in place.


Chassis & floor shown separately, but only sold as a package.



Nostalgia chassis & floor         $1099.00, add $325 for powdercoating

Sales tax, packaging & shipping not included

The price expects a stock VW torsion in exchange (core charge ($150.00)


The Nostalgia chassis comes standard with:

8 front-end clamps w/bolts & nylock nuts

sandblasted & capped stock VW torsion

 shift coupler inspection plate

 brackets for mounting: emergency brake handle, master cylinder, pedal assembly, seat tracks, shift tube w/bushing
tubes for:clutch cable, emergency brake cables, throttle cable


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