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Owned by David Poole, Texas


This 95" wheelbase 2-seater, dubbed the Warrior, comes only as a knockdown kit.

The Warrior features a roomy cockpit,  51 wide & 41 high


About the Knockdown Kit:

Berrien's knockdown kits come almost totally disassembled. Most of the floor pieces are tack welded together including the clamps. The clamps are tacked onto the arm rails, and the dashbar is tacked in the front rollbar.  All other tubes are cut, bent & notched to fit but left for you to assemble.  

You will need to have the front end and rear torsion before you order. They will serve as your jig during the assembly.

With all of the quality but less than 50% of the cost of a fully welded 95" wheelbase chassis, the Warrior is a very economical choice for anyone who has access to a professional welder.

Package size/weight  information for shipping:

Floor assembly with arm rails is 8' long x 4.5' wide x 8" thick & weighs 119#

Box is 56" long x 9" wide x 4" thick & weighs 66#

Warrior kit after welding is completed.
shown with torsion (not included in kit)

LKD Warrior 2-Seat knockdown kit       $299.00


sales tax, packaging & shipping not included


Each Warrior comes with:
shift box w/shift tube hanger
8 front-end clamps
seat back brace
underbars with mounting nut welded in
3/4" bolts for underbars
saddles w/flanges for mounting underbars
Optional Berrien Accessories include:
Chassis Brace Kit
Double or Triple Bend Tree Bars
Double Headbar

Full Length Aluminum Floor

Pickup Style Rear Cage Kit

Single or Double Bar Front Bumper

Custom Torsion

Frame Horn Supports


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